Monday, February 29, 2016

All-New, All-Different Avengers #2 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Waid slowly but surely assembles the team here and, as an added bonus, the reason that the team comes together almost totally makes sense!  (We'll get to the exception in a minute.)

Cap awakens to Miles webbing up his wounds, but Miles frets that he can't help Tony.  Thankfully, the Vision's systems are still connected to Avengers Tower's, so he arrives and frees Tony from his armor.  (It apparently flash-melted around him.)  Mr. Gryphon, the new owner of the Tower, arrives to complain about the property damage; coincidentally (not), Miles informs Tony that he heard another voice with Warbringer (the Chitauri from last issue), but can't remember anything about it.  Meanwhile, Nova hightails it to New York from school once he sees on his phone that Warbringer is rampaging through Jersey City.  Hilariously, Nova is worried both that Warbringer wants revenge on Nova for dumping him into a sun and that he's going to encounter Ms. Marvel.  For her part, Kamala confronts Warbringer at the Liberty Science Center, where he's stealing one of the three items that he needs to conquer Earth.  Kamala and Nova argue over the collateral damage, but the rest of the team arrives in pursuit of Warbringer.

Nova is reluctant to acknowledge that he knows Warbringer, for fear that they'll blame him for his rampage.  Miles (unknowingly) saves Nova for having to reveal that by saying that he was the Chitauri from last issue.  He relays what he overheard, that Warbringer is trying to collect the three pieces of this mysterious artifact.  He also tells the team that Warbringer survives by killing people and stealing their mass, but I honestly don't remember that from last issue.  (I also don't remember the Chitauri calling himself Warbringer, but I assume that he did and that it's not an example of pet peeve #1.). Anyway, the team arrives at the PATH station where Warbringer is trying to collect victims and engages him.  In the exception to the "totally makes sense" way that the team came together, Thor arrives on the scene with no explanation.  She hurls Mjolnir at Warbringer, but Mr. Unicorn (clearly Loki) teleports it past Warbringer, allowing it to bust a water main and endanger the Avengers!

Once Waid explains how Thor got on the scene, we're going to be good to go in considering this team assembled.  My only complaint is that Kamala and Sam's fighting was cute last issue, but I can tell that it's going to get old quickly.  I'd really rather it be everyone but them, letting Miles play the starry-eyed newbie.  But, if Waid could tone down their angst a bit, it might be OK.  At the very least, it's nice to see a recognizable team of Avengers in action again.

*** (three of five stars)

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