Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Avengers #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue is...better?  I guess?  

The "incident" with the Maker is apparently already forgotten as this issue begins:  we start with a few parallel sequences showing us every-day life on the A.I.M. compound.  Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in space.  On some distant planet, two warriors from a race of Kree-Skrull hybrids try to convince their elder that his prophecy -- that a hybrid King will rise to take over both destroyed kingdoms -- has come to pass.  However, he insists that it hasn't and sends them from him.  We learn that he did so because he hasn't revealed the full extent of the prophecy to them:  on the day that they find their king, he will die.  Unfortunately for him, prophecies don't really work that way:  you can't just keep them from happening by not telling people about them.  (He should read some "Harry Potter.")  Moridun -- the demon that the Maker summoned from the previous Universe in the last issue -- reveals the catch in the prophecy to us when he arrives and kills the elder.

On Earth, the various group-hangs are interrupted by the arrival of a Kree-Skrull spaceship.  The two warriors have come for Teddy (apparently defying the elder's wishes) and teleport him and Wiccan to their home planet.  There, Teddy pulls a sword from a beam of light, revealing that he is indeed King.  Trouble, I assume, will ensue.

One of my challenges with this series is that Ewing hasn't really made it clear what tone he's using.  On one hand, it's jokey-jokey:  Teddy pulls the sword nonchalantly from the beam of light while one of the warriors is pontificating on why the ceremony is so important.  On the other hand, it's intrigue-focused:  Songbird informs 'Berto that she's found a transmitter on her, revealing that someone is spying on them.  Of course, it's possible for an issue to be both amusing and suspenseful:  that combination describes pretty much every issue of "Amazing Spider-Man" ever.  But, something about it just doesn't work here.  I'm happy that we're focused on Teddy and Wiccan, since I'm pretty much here for them.  But, once Ewing tells that story, I'm not sure if I'm still going to want to keep hanging.

** (two of five stars)

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