Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

I should start by noting that this series is set in Tevinter.  If you've played "Dragon Age:  Inquisition - Trespasser," then you know that it previews that "Dragon Age 4" will be set there.  As such, it seems like this series could be a prelude to that game (assuming that BioWare is actually making it).  Color me excited.

In terms of the series itself, Rucka tells an incredibly well paced story in this issue.  We're immediately introduced to Marius and Tessa, two contract killers that go after mages exclusively.  Marius is the strong, silent type (I encourage Carnero to keep drawing him shirtless...) who believes that he was born to hunt mages.  We learn that bit of information from Tessa, since she's the one that does most of the talking.  (Canero isn't mute, but he's clearly reticent to speak.  It's OK, Marius.  Just be pretty.)

To complicate matters, Marius appears to have something of a past, one (of course) shrouded in mystery.  When a servant named Flavius approaches him on behalf of a Tevinter Magister, he immediately refuses the contract, since he doesn't deal with the Imperium.  Flavius suggests that it's because Tevinter made him what he is, but Marius tells Tessa that he doesn't actually know where he's from.  (Dun-DUN-dun!)  Flavius convinces Marius to take the job by saying that the target is sacrificing children in a temple outside Minrathous, the Imperium's capital.  (So, he's the strong, silent type with a heart of gold.  Well played, Rucka.  Well played.)  But, it's a trap:  Flavius lured them there to meet the Imperium's ruler, Archon Radonis, who has his own list of targets in mind for the pair.

If you're not a "Dragon Age" fan but enjoy fantasy RPGs, I can easily recommend this series so far.  Rucka makes it accessible to basically anyone, though it'll have more meaning to you if you are a "Dragon Age" fan.  Rucka somehow manages to replicate the feel of the game, and it's a wonder to behold.  I continue to hold out hope that we're going to get a "Dragon Age" ongoing series one day, but, in the meantime, this entry into its series of mini-series seems to be worth the wait.

*** (three of five stars)

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