Monday, March 21, 2016

Justice League #47 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Things aren't particularly looking good for the League at this point.

On the "win" side of the ledger, Diana manages to lasso Superman, reminding him that he's Clark Kent (meaning a good guy) and helping him to regain control of his faculties.  Bruce and Hal arrive, after Bruce sensed Superman's rampage.  Bruce warns him that his control is only temporary; moreover, his new powers are breaking down his body on a cellular level.  (You know it's bad when I've still got this part on the "win" side.)

On the "loss" side, Barda creates a distraction to allow Cyborg, Power Ring, and Scot to break into Belle Rive.  But, Cyborg ignores Jessica when she tells him that she thinks that it's a bad idea to break out Superwoman, since her ring seems to want them to do it.  Volthoom (the spirit in the ring) announces that it's time to put "our" plan into action, so he takes control of Jessica.  Cyborg tries to hack into the ring, as he previously did, to stop him, but Volthoom uses it as a chance to download Grid into Cyborg's body.  Grid takes out an unsuspecting Barda and Scot, but Owlman arrives to warn his former teammates that they have to work with the Justice League to defeat the Anti-Monitor.

This story has been going on so long that I honestly forget how many issues it's been.  We still know very little about the Anti-Monitor, with Ultraman in this issue merely telling Scot that his goal is to kill everyone.  (You could see where we could use some more specificity.)  But, Johns successfully conveys the sense that we're starting to get somewhere.  Beyond the obvious progress in the main plot -- with the League and the Syndicate on the verge of joining forces -- he also advances some of the other stories out there, with Grail announcing to her mother that she's found a "secret" in the Anti-Life Equation and Mobius returning to get back his chair.  Finally, it all seems to be coming to a head, and I find myself actually something close to excited.  It's a good sign, after how long it's been getting here.

*** (three of five stars)

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