Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ms. Marvel #2 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue really is just remarkably clever.

Kamala essentially goes urban spelunking in the Hope Yard Development Office, and she discovers a glowing purple drink in a dorm fridge.  She swipes a batch to bring to Bruno for testing, but she has to evade some live-fire security drones to escape.  After convincing Bruno to run the tests the next day, she fails to sneak past her mother.  She wants her to stop being Ms. Marvel until the outrage over her alleged support of Hope Yards ebbs.  (Earlier, we saw a number of protests against Ms. Marvel.)

The next day, Kamala's brother (I think) asks her to chaperone him when meeting a girl, provoking her dismay that everyone has a significant other except her.  (That said, when the girl, Tyesha, makes a "Dune" reference, Kamala is totally on board with her.)  They meet Tyesha as she's getting hassled by a yuppie hipster that works for Hope Yards.  He claims that he's keeping the neighborhood "safe."  However, Kamala runs into a classmate that moved into Hope Yards, and he has creepy glowing purple eyes and raves about the company.  Despite her mother's wishes, she realizes that she's got to do something.

She calls Bruno, and he confirms that the goop has nanobots in it.  Some goons bust into the lab to get him, and he tries to leave a clue for Kamala by telling her that Mike has the "key to [his] heart."  Kamala then sees a bunch of moving trucks from Hope Yards and engages themAnother yuppie hipster climbs onto the roof of one of the trucks and opens fire on her.  He eventually knocks her unconscious, and she awakens to Dr. Faustus revealing that Hope Yards Development and Relocation Association is...HYDRA!  (Clever.)  Hilariously, HYDRA has realized that no one cares if you launder your plans for domination through the guise of a gentrification investment opportunity.  (Honestly, that shit right there is some brilliant satire.)  But, it all gets personal when Faustus reveals that he's turned Bruno into one of the yuppie hipsters!

Again, this series just continues to deliver.  I want to know pretty much everything about Kamala possible, and Wilson manages to keep the tone of the series light while still dealing with serious issues.  It's great stuff from start to finish.

*** (three of five stars)

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