Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Star Wars #13 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Favorite Quote:  "Ow!  Stop beating me with my own arm, your cretinous animal!  Oh, the indignity!" -- Triple-Zero to Chewie, accurately conveying how the fighting goes in this issue

It's hard to review this issue.  Aaron does such an amazing job with the atmosphere and tone that it's just hard to explain it.  A summary of this issue would simply be that Han bumbles his way into saving Luke and that Leia finds herself face-to-face with Vader.  But, this summary fails to capture the brilliance of the issue.  It doesn't talk about Triple-Zero's hilarious blood-thirstiness, something that still hasn't gotten old.  It doesn't describe Artoo's apparently profane screaming match with Beetee, a contest that ends when Beetee surprises him with his overwhelming arsenal (compared to Artoo's shocking wand).  It fails to describe the amazingly in-character fight between Dr. Aphra and Han, full of a bravado that seems misplaced when it comes to an end after both of them shoot a nest of wasp-worms over the other's head.  (They eventually knock each other unconscious when they run into each other while fleeing their respective swarm of bees.)  In other words, just read the issue.  It'll be worth your while.

**** (four of five stars)

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