Monday, May 30, 2016

Not-Very-Deep Thoughts: The Rest of January 20 Edition (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Tokyo Ghost #5:  Talk about a cliffhanger.  With Teddy gone and Led Dent fully in charge (and under the influence of Davey Trauma), it seemed like Debbie was going to inject herself with the formula that Kazumi used to control the emp field.  In so doing, she would've been able to prevent Davey Trauma from taking advantage of the downed field to destroy the Garden.  However, the issue ends with the Garden destroyed, and we're not given a clear answer on how that happened.  Before injecting herself, Debbie had realized that she would never be able to be with Teddy again if she became the embodiment of the emp field.  As such, the question is whether she decided that she couldn't live without Teddy and let the detonation happen.  I guess we'll see.

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  1. Really not very deep toughts.. haha, you are goint to catch up fast. I'm looking forward to your toughts on rebirth

  2. Ha ha ha. I know. I'm in April! I'm getting there soon!