Monday, June 6, 2016

Not-Very-Deep Thoughts: The February 10 Edition (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Batman #49:  This issue is brilliant.  Snyder brings back Batman without lying to us, something that I wasn't sure that he'd be able to do.  Throughout this arc, Snyder left us wondering how he would resurrect Batman if the dionesium had wiped out his entire persona, as Alfred stressed that it had in issue #43.  The answer is the resurrection device that we've seen mentioned several times since "Detective Comics" #27.  Bruce realizes that he has to have Alfred upload the last save of his brain scan -- taken shortly before the fight with the Joker -- to resurrect Batman.  But, Alfred refuses to do it, since it's tantamount to murder (of the "new" Bruce).  In fact, Bruce realizes that Batman never put into action the machine for that reason:  Batman doesn't kill, and he'd have to kill Bruce and Batman to create the next version of them.  Taken another way, Bruce is willing to kill Bruce so that Batman can return:  Batman wasn't.  In the end,  Julie does it, sacrificing the man that she loved to save Gotham, since his rebooted brain will no longer remember their time together.  It's a remarkably touching moment; Alfred and Julie hold each other as they watch the man they love die.  Snyder isn't a particularly emotional writer, but, man, he got me here.

Spider-Gwen #5:  Latour confirms the sequence of events relating to Gwen's secret identity that seemed true but benefited from this clarification.  Murdoch suspected Gwen's identity, so he hired the Vulture to take out George to see if Spider-Woman saved him.  But, the Vulture also discovered Gwen's identity in the process, and he's been using it as a bargaining tool with Castle.  As such, Castle also likely knows.  (All that said, I can't quite remember why Murdoch suspected Gwen's identity in the first place, but I feel like Latour did actually cover that at the relevant point in time.)  Honestly, it's hard to see how Gwen is going to return this chaos to the proverbial box.

Spider-Man 2099 #6:  Marvel can keep pushing the Inhumans all they want, including working them into my favorite character's book, but I'm still not biting.  (Miguel's employee Jasmine's girlfriend becomes an Inhuman with delusions of godhood in this issue.)

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