Friday, August 9, 2013

Captain Marvel #13 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

And away we go!  After spending the first two installments of this cross-over event setting up the story, DeConnick really hits the gas here.  She displays an amazing ability to keep control over many characters at the same time, as Carol's crew of civilian colleagues work on figuring out the identity of Carol's nemesis while the Avengers take on the Kree Sentries that Magnitron activated last issue.  DeConnick really has a stunning ear for dialogue, with all the characters here managing to sound distinct (and in character), even if they're given limited "panel" time.  DeConnick also displays her usual wit along the way; I particularly liked Carol's "Star Wars" reference and Cap's ensuing confusion.  (Also, I thought Carol marching her entire supporting cast down the hallway of her apartment building to confront her crotchedy old neighbor was nothing short of hilarious.)  Moreover, in terms of the plot, we're really getting the sense of how deep of a game Magnitron is playing.  Whereas the Brood, "Deathbird," and the Grapplers were distractions, it's clear that Magnitron has kicked it up a notch with the Sentries and you start to wondering whether the Avengers are going to be able to contain the threat before a lot of people get hurt.  Great characterization, witty dialogue, and a compelling plot:  I'm not sure what you'd want that this title isn't delivering.

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