Friday, August 9, 2013

X-Factor #258 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OK, this issue isn't a terrible read, but it ends disappointingly abruptly.  The apparent revelation that Tier is dead (maybe even really dead) is upsetting and David makes it clear that Rahne hasn't come even close to coming to terms with it (what with hugging polar bears and everything).  Rev. John's offer to have her take over the position of deacon at his church is an elegant conclusion to her story.  However, it's the elegance that's the problem, because it seems unlikely that John would've managed to focus on Rahne enough to conceive of it after watching his congregation get slaughtered by a parishoner's jealous husband.  "Hey, my parish just got murdered in front of my eyes, but, sure, tell me all about how the new Lord of Hell murdered your son, the Beast of Earth.  Wanna cuppa?"

Moreover, it does leave open a lot of doors.  I mean, is Tier really dead?  After all, Darwin met an older version of him in "X-Factor" #214 and we never saw a body, he just disappeared in a flash of light after Guido stabbed him.  Darwin meeting him could presumably be explained as happening before Layla resurrected Guido, meaning that Guido's unexpected presence could've disrupted Tier's previous destiny as the Beast.  But, it feels like David is trying to make it clear that Tier's story isn't done.  He just doesn't have the time to lay the careful hints that he usually does, in part because he probably isn't going to be the one to take up Tier's tale.  So, instead, we have to settle for getting Rahne in a safe place before moving onto the next story, leaving Guido and Tier for later.  Again, it's not terrible, but it is disappointing.

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