Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wolverine and the X-Men #31 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

As ridiculous as it is, the idea that Kade Kilgore opened the Hellfire Academy to train super-villains so that they will eventually increases sales of Sentinels actually sort of makes sense.  I mean, it does so in a weird, "willful suspension of disbelief" way, but I've got to admit that it's more clever of a motivation than anything else that we've seen drive the events of this series.  I also liked what Aaron does with Quentin here, showing us that he's not a spy and that he actually followed Idie to the Academy to make sure that she didn't get hurt while trying to find Broo's assailant.  If I've liked anything about this title (and it's unfortunately not much), it's the fact that Aaron has given Quentin a moral compass that he previously lacked, making him a lot more three dimensional (or, I guess, two dimensional) than he's been portrayed.  It doesn't mean that he does the right thing even 50 percent of the time, but it does mean that he's not entirely an uncaring sociopath.  That's progress.  Anyway, I guess that I'm saying that I'm on board.  I'm still hoping that we never hear from the Kiddie Hellfire Club again after this "saga," but at least the ride to the end seems pretty fun.

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