Monday, September 16, 2013

Captain America #9 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Remender really shakes up Steve here, with Sharon claiming that it was Zola’s manipulations that left him thinking that he had been in Dimension Z for several years.  When she tells him that it’s only been 30 minutes or so, Steve clearly doesn’t believe her.  Of course, Remender plays his cards close to his chest and so I’m not quite sure whether he wants us to believe her, either.  It's pretty unclear what the truth is going to wind up being or, really, if we're going to get one truth.  It was always unlikely that Remender was going to have Steve age 12 years, given the impact it would have on his status quo.  Given that some sort of de-aging ray would be too incredible to believe, even for this story, it seems likely that Sharon’s right.  But, that said, Ian and Jet were real people, evidenced by Sharon interacting with them.  It couldn’t have all been some sort of fever dream; Ian was a baby and grew into a child, for sure.  The answer to this question is going to have a significant impact on where we go from here so I’m anxious to see what it is.

Meanwhile, Zola exits, stage right here.  Remender tries to make Zola into an emotional, if not sympathetic, character here, sacrificing himself so that Jet could live.  The problem, though, is that I’m not quite sure that I buy that.  We are talking about the guy with so little regard for human life that he mutated his maid with a dog.  I get that it’s his daughter, but I’m still not sure that Zola is capable of love, particularly given Jet’s betrayal.  It does raise the question, though, where Remender is going to go with Jet.  She seems the only possible candidate to cross into Cap’s ongoing status quo, though I wonder if Remender will allow her that.  It seems it would be all the more devastating if Steve were to leave Dimension Z with no proof of what he experienced there, which leads me to believe that it's the most likely outcome.

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