Monday, September 16, 2013

Justice League Dark #22 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

The problem with this issue is that Lemire is forced to remix the three existing teams into three entirely different teams, with each character taking up a different side for a specific reason.  However, with so many characters, Lemire never really gets to spell out those reasons for all the characters.  It’s not like we’re really give insight into why Atom, Element Woman, and Firestorm decide to defy Waller’s orders and follow Superman.  Moreover, for the characters whose motivations are identified, they don’t always make sense.  I kind of doubt Batman would just take the Phantom Stranger’s word that Wonder Woman approaching Pandora would make matters worse.  He acts against his teammate (and someone who knows a thing or two about the box) simply because a stranger (heh) tells him to do so?  I get that Lemire is pressed for time here, but this issue reads as little more than a fantasy-football draft.

Moreover, the plot is getting extremely difficult to follow.  The search for Dr. Light’s soul, John Constantine’s mysterious side quest with Shazam!, Superman following a newspaper clipping conveniently stating that a mind-controlling super-villain was present in Khandaq the day before he got there:  it’s all a bit much.  I'm starting to doubt that Johns and Lemire are going to be able to cover the ground that they want to cover in a six-part series.  That generally means that a lot of action is going to happen in the tie-in issues, which usually means that I'm going the ending, when it comes, is going to make little sense to those of us not collecting all the tie-in issues.  We'll see, but color me skeptical that I'm going to be happy at the end.

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