Monday, December 16, 2013

Batgirl #25 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

OK, I'm not some insane Simone fanboy:  I think someone other than her can write this series well.  But, the face of the matter is that things tend not to go well when someone other than her actually does so.  This issue is no exception.

I'm not sure what exactly Bennett wanted us to take from Barbara constantly repeating, "Protect the homestead" to herself throughout the issue; I took a need for a stiff drink to distract me from the boredom.  Plus, although I get that this issue in some ways is supposed to portray Barbara's loss of innocence, I don't for a minute believe that she didn't see that a caring, handsome, and well-built stranger is anything other than trouble in Gotham, even six years ago.

All that said, I stand by my assessment in "Detective Comics" #25 that these "Zero Year" tie-in issues are actually helping Snyder's cause in "Batman."  If you've read the two of them, you go into whatever drama awaits us in "Batman" #25 with a full sense of the scale of tragedy unfolding in Gotham City.  Snyder probably covers that ground in the first few pages of the upcoming issue, but these two issues definitely help make that case.  If only this issue hadn't been so dull...

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