Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Batman #25 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

The most interesting thing about the issue -- though not necessarily in a good way -- is that Snyder has seemingly decided to make Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox more interesting in the DCnU by turning them into less upstanding characters than they normally are.  We learn that Gordon seemed to have covered up something related to the murder of Bruce's parents (though he claims that "secrets" are involved in said murders) and we see Fox attack Bruce seemingly on behalf of Dr. Death.  Now, Snyder is clearly planning on showing us how these interpretations are jumping to conclusions, so I don't think that we should shred their applications for sainthood quite yet.  But, I'll say that I felt like Snyder is going once more for shock value here than trying to tell an interesting story.  Remember when we spent the first few issues of this series being forced to speculate whether Dick was a murderer, when we all knew that he wasn't?  These "developments" when it comes to Gordon and Fox feel the same way.  Since I'm doubtful that we're going to learn anything about Gordon or Fox that really tars their image, these intrigues feel like unnecessary distractions.  After "Detective Comics" #25 and "Batgirl" #25, I wanted to see some focus on the chaos in Gotham in advance of the upcoming storm.  Instead, we get this bizarre Dr. Death diversion and some sort of mysterious sequence involving troops in Nigeria.  I get that multiple things happen to a character at once, but, as Gordon himself speculates, you have to wonder why everyone is chasing down a guy who's killed two people when the entire city faces possible annihilation.  Hopefully next issue will be better.  

** (two of five stars)

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