Saturday, January 17, 2015

Axis: Revolutions #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Just like all the other event mini-series like this one, that feature two stories on the margins of an event, this series so far has been mostly skipable.  I've mentioned the first two issues in passing, but I felt like this one merited comment.

The first story involves Kitty Pryde robbing a bank.  It's interesting not only in the fact that we see just how amazing Kitty's powers can be if she uses them for evil, but also because it again raises the question of whether this entire story is going to wind up getting ret-conned.  Between Thor's bender in Vegas and Kitty indirectly murdering people, it's hard to imagine any of the inverted heroes being able to return to their normal lives without some sort of legal ramifications.  I feel like we've got an "Age of Ultron" ending coming.

The second story is actually a really solid character study of Sandman.  He's inspired by the villains suddenly acting like heroes to break into a prison to save a former henchman-turned-snitch from an angry mob boss bent on silencing him permanently.  It's interesting because Sandman does the right thing (at least from his perspective), but instead gets blamed for the chaos at the prison.  It's a pretty solid commentary by Barbiere on people seeing what they're used to seeing (a.k.a. Sandman being a villain despite his actions).

Again, we don't get anything ground-breaking here, but it's the first issue of this series that merited its own comment.

*** (three of five stars)

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