Sunday, February 1, 2015

Earth 2: World's End #16 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

We're only had a few moments in the Earth 2 stories where a significant number of heroes assembled together to form something akin to the Justice League or Society.  For example, "Earth 2" #16 had the Atom, Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, Red Arrow, and Sandman fighting Brutaal and issue #20 saw Aquawoman, Batman, Dr. Fate, Hawkgirl, Red Arrow, Red Tornado, and Val come together in the abandoned Batcave. I think the most that we had together at any one time was issue #26, when all the healthy Wonders -- Aquawoman, Batman, Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Jimmy Olsen, Red Tornado, Sandman, and Val -- are in action to defeat Brutaal.  (By this point, the Atom has lost his arm in issue #21, Red Arrow has been killed in issue #23, and a so-far solo Steel was wounded facing the Red Lantern in issue #13.)

I mention all that because this issue sets the foundation for another issue #26, as it becomes more likely a full gathering of Wonders will come together.  The Geneva-based team, thanks to Superman's sacrifice (that I still don't understand), free the aforementioned Red Lantern.  She no longer fuels the firepits and, apparently, the parademons; as a result, the team is able to follow her to join Green Lantern and the Avatars in their fight against the Furies.  At this stage, we've coalesced into three teams:  Dr. Fate, Flash, Hawkgirl, and Steel are supporting Sato in securing the remains of humanity; Batman, Green Lantern, Power Girl, Red Tornado, and Val are fighting the Furies; and Fury, Jimmy Olsen, Mr. Miracle, Mr. Terrific, and Sandman are working on the Apokolips problem.  (Aquawoman is presumably still with her people, and Dick Grayson is doing whatever it is that Dick Grayson is doing.)  It seems likely that, when the three teams come together into one, it'll be to face Darkseid himself.  I'm still not sure how that's going to come about happening, but it seems to be the clear goal at this point, something that wasn't as clear even last issue.  As a result, this series suddenly became more enjoyable, since we're not longer just guessing about the endgame.

Turning to some minor notes, I was confused when the Green seemed to refer to the firepits as the "Tower of Fate; she mentions that the heroes freed the Red Lantern from the Tower of Fate, when they actually freed her from the firepits.  That's weird, right?  The last time that we saw the Tower of Fate, it was literally a tower in another dimension (if I'm not mistaken).  I might've missed a quick reference to it in previous issue, but I feel like the authors just throw it out there without clarifying it.  Also, I have to stay that I loved the Superman insignia closing up Power Girl's boob window.  That right there is some funny stuff.

*** (three of five stars)

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