Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Justice League #38 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Johns has been steadily building this story over the last few issues, but he really steps on the gas here.

As a result of getting infected last issue, Batman awesomely displays the powers of a bat.  As a result, the Trinity realize that the powers that humans are developing upon exposure to the virus aren't random; at the very least, the victim's subconscious is molding them somehow.  Lex admits to Superman that he created the virus to rob him of his powers, but that it failed.  However, it's pretty clear that Lex isn't telling the whole truth, since the virus not only turns the infected into zombies connected to some sort of hive mind, but said hive mind seems to consider itself a sentient being.  (Is it Lex's Ultron?)

Johns does a great job using the events themselves -- and not awkward exposition -- to provide us with the information that we get this issue.  It's probably the first time since "Forever Evil" that I've really enjoyed this title this much, since I can't wait to see a bat-powered Batman whale on Superman.  Also, I'm glad to see Jason Fabok here.  I still think his run with Layman on "Detective Comics" was just as good as -- if not better than-- Snyder and Jock's run, and I'm glad to see him excelling on the big stage.  (That two-page splash of Batman knocking out Patient Zero made this issue.)

Even if you haven't been reading this title, this event is the perfect place to start.

**** (four of five stars)

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