Saturday, March 28, 2015

Legendary Star-Lord #9 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)


This issue isn't terrible or anything.  I loved Drax making with the funny ("I have not yet begun to unleash the Grouch!").  It's cool when Angel becomes an Angel of Death, since it's essentially a different but similar corrupted form for him.  (Poor Warren.  Always destined for corruption.)  Storm holding her own with Gamora was also pretty awesome.

But, this arc is suffering from the same problem as any arc where it's obvious a ret-con is going to happen at the end:  it's hard to invest in it emotionally.  (Honestly, I'm wondering if Bendis is even capable of telling a story that doesn't involve a ret-con.)  Gamora, Beast, and Angel are clearly going to revert to their regular selves at some point, so it's hard to be worried about them.  As such, the only tension in the story is whether the Guardians and the X-Men are going to be able to stop J'Son from using the Vortex for his dark ends, and we all know that they will.  (We've also got the shrill Kitty, and it's really not helping matters.)

In other words?  Meh.

** (two of five stars)

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