Saturday, March 28, 2015

Loki: Agent of Asgard #11 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Man, this story just get sadder and sadder.

Loki loses everything here.  The Asgardians turn their backs on him, Freya exiles him, and King Loki drives away Verity Williams by proving that he's Loki's future (since she'd be able to see through his lie if he were telling one).  It's a bad day for our guy.  Of course, Loki doesn't take it all without putting up a fight.  He calls Freya on her self-righteous, noting that it makes it all the worse if she believed that he were Kid Loki, since she planned to betray him in the end.  I'm glad that he managed to twist that knife a little before she exiled him.

The only good news is that he's not totally bereft of hope, even if he doesn't know it.  Odin tells Loki that he loves him (and knows that he's really the echo of his old self), but refuses to help him.  He tells Loki that it's his time of tribulation and that he now has a chance to prove himself.  It's essentially a parent making a child pass the test on his own.  It's a lovely moment, providing Loki his only glimmer of hope that he won't be alone forever.  (Loki isn't privy to Sif telling Fandral that she doubts that this Loki is the same as the old one that once hid in her body.)

In the next issue, King Loki is going to reveal (for reasons that still aren't clear to me) how our Loki becomes King Loki, and it's clear that it's going to serve as the impetus for Loki's hero's trial.  He'll need to find a way to change his future, with no one at his side.  Talk about a legend in the making!  The Story of the Echo of Old Loki Avoiding Becoming the King Loki That He Was Destined to Become.  I'm game for that story.

*** (three of five stars)

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