Thursday, April 16, 2015

Batman Eternal #49 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Blah blah blah, makes no sense, is terrible, blah blah blah.  If Red Robin was sufficiently paranoid to build his own Batcomputer, doesn't it stand to reason that he would've built it in a way that he could've initiated the override that Julia did from his mobile computer?  What good is it if he has to be sitting in his Nest to do it?  Are we supposed to believe that Cluemaster is the Big Bad?  Bard is suddenly rooting for Gordon to survive the riot at Blackgate, despite being the guy that kept him in there in the first place?  The only decent part of this issue was Gordon beating down the Penguin, but even that part was too little, too late.

* (one of five stars)

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