Thursday, April 16, 2015

Batman Eternal #50 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Normally, I make my way through my backlog of comics week by week; I'll read every comic from a certain week before progressing to the next week.  I do it so that I don't inadvertently spoils something, like if I read all my "Batman" issues only to read something that happened in a "Detective Comics" issue that I haven't read yet.

But, after how horrible issue #49 was, I decided that I just need to have "Batman Eternal" done.  I'm reading these last three issues in a row and starting the process of rebuilding my life.

Based on my review of this issue and how I feel about this one, I could really just write these last three reviews as a list of incredulous questions.  Last issue, Gordon beat down the Penguin, hog-tied him, and locked him in a prison cell with him.  This issue, Gordon is alone in the cell, and the Penguin is escaping the prison on a speedboat with Killer Croc, apparently trusting Croc's "boss" (whoever s/he is) more than the mastermind.  Did Gordon let him go?  If not, how the hell did he escape?  It seems like an important detail, unless Snyder and Tynion really do want us to believe that Gordon is corrupt.  Also, Batman calls Harper by her real name in front of Mr. Freeze.  Should she just start calling him Bruce?  I could continue.

But, it doesn't matter.  We finally learn that it's been Cluemaster all along.  The man that Spoiler saw giving Cluemaster orders that looked like Bruce Wayne was, in all likelihood, Hush.  Next issue, Cluemaster will deliver his Bond villain speech when he'll chastise Batman for not taking him seriously.  Let's just get that part done, shall we?

** (two of five stars)

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