Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Star Wars #8 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

The fact that you can hear Harrison Ford screaming "She's not my wife!" throughout this issue again shows how amazingly Aaron has captured the characters' voices.

We don't get any more information about Han and Sana's relationship here, other than the fact that they seem to have very different interpretations of the past than each other.  Han says that Sana isn't his wife; she says that she is.  Sana says that Han often plays a con where he rescues a princess and refuses the reward (waiting for a "bigger" prize); Han says that it's not true.  They seem to be more like business partners than anything else, but, if Aaron makes anything clear here, it's that their relationship is "complicated."  For her part, Leia isn't all that interested in getting to the bottom of the story.  When Sana announces that she and Han should sell Leia to the Empire, Leia grabs Han's gun and holds the two of them hostage.  Unfortunately, she's a little late, since Sana's already called in the troops.

Again, both Aaron and Immonen do a great job of bringing these scenes to life.  Aaron's script crackles with energy.  You not only hear Harrison Ford's voice pleading with Leia to believe him, but you hear Carrie Fisher sigh when Leia realizes that she's had enough.  Moreover, Immonen is a marvel at facial expressions.  The scene where Leia is walking away from the two of them, rolling her eyes, should be taught at art school for all the information that just this look conveys to the reader.  (The script is again great here.  "You know what?  This...this is none of my business.  I'm just gonna...go.  And you two can...yeah."  Indeed.)

But, Han and Leia are not, natch, the only ones getting in trouble.  Luke, in a typically Luke way, decides to go into the meanest bar on a "world of pirates and outlaws" and ask someone to smuggle him into Coruscant.  To be fair, it's a solid plan:  after realizing that Obi-Wan's diary is nothing but stories, he decides to go to the Jedi's home world to see if he can learn more about actually being a Jedi.  Unfortunately, he'll still a farm boy from Tatooine; as the pirates and outlaws try to attack him, he pulls out his lightsaber.  It obviously gets everyone's attention, but not the way Luke hoped.  They want it for it, not because they fear Luke.  But, Luke refuses to trade it for a ride (even though he doesn't have any actual credits to offer for one).  The pirates and outlaws then precede to attack again.  Earlier, we had seen someone radio to someone else saying that he was going to get "it" for his boss, and we end Luke's story with this someone grabbing the saber and making a break for it.  Immonen is again on fire here, not just with the fight scenes themselves, where you feel like you're watching a moving picture, but also the hilarious last panel of the story where Luke leads the outlaws and pirates after the thief.

Again, it's all just great.  The characters say and do things like they should say and do.  I don't know how Aaron does it, but I'm glad that he does.

***** (five of five stars) 

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