Tuesday, October 6, 2015

X-Tinction Agenda #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue is pretty standard fare.  Rogue and Triage are set to work trying to cure the Extinction Plague, the Genegineer uses the remains of Warlock's body to animate an adamantium skeleton that he built for Cameron Hodge, and the X-Men arrive to free their people.  In the end, the Genegineer is successful, and the two teams of mutants are going to have to pull together to stop him.  Guggenheim tries to infuse it with some emotion, but I'll admit that I'm finding it hard to engage with the story that he's telling.  He seems to want me to see both sides, but it's hard to side with the X-Men, since their position is pretty much that the Genoshans should just die quietly and not bother them.  Maybe they'll see the light next issue.

** (two of five stars)

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