Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Justice League of America #6 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

This issue is Hickmanesque, in that it feels like Hitch removed 20 percent of the dialogue to make it feel more mysterious.

Hitch splits his focus on four different stories, and the result is that we don't really get much progress in any of them.  Aquaman attempts to stop Rao's disciples from completing some sort of alignment of signals with Themyscira, but the Atlanteans prevent him from doing so, having fallen under Rao's spell.  He eventually breaks free, afraid that the Raoans are going to try to destroy Atlantis; instead, they transport him to Olympus.  Once there, he tries to bring Diana up to speed, but the Raoans detonate themselves before he can, destroying Olympus (and leaving the fates of Aquaman and Wonder Woman unclear).  Meanwhile, Rao beats Superman to a pulp in the Arctic, and the Flash awakens at Infinity headquarters in 1961.  Vincent again babbles about the Stones, but we learn more about them from Rao in the past:  he tells Hal that the 24 Stones give him his ability to absorb the life energies of his disciples.  Past Rao and Hal arrive at the Citadel of Argo for peace negotiations with Rao's entourage, but just the two of them enter the Citadel:  Hal is shocked to discover the Infinity headquarters within the Citadel.

(You'll notice that this issue is an example of pet peeve #1, because Batman appears nowhere in it, despite the cover implying the opposite, that he's the only member of the League left standing.)

Again, I really have no clue where we are.  As I mentioned, Hitch makes it clear that the disciples are trying to align some sort of signals, but we don't know why they're doing so.  We also know nothing about the Stones (Rao simply tells Hal that they were a "gift") or what Vincent and his allies are trying to do.  This story is a bit long in the tooth for us to be as unclear as we are.

** (two of five stars)

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