Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Robin: Son of Batman #7 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)


The Robins face the "elite" Talons on the rooftop, and Damian brings down the Cage to stop them.  In the skirmish, the other Robins overhear the Talons talking about hatching tonight specifically for the "Gray Son" ceremony, and Riko realizes that she had previously seen an elite Talon at Gotham Academy.  The Robins head there to stop the other elite Talons from hatching (since the ones that they defeated helpfully mentioned that the others were hatching that evening), and Batman provides a hand after following them there.  Previously, Damian disappeared after taking down the Cage, and a mysterious figure from the Court of Owls ordered Noctua to get Batman to do...something, though I'm pretty sure that it wasn't getting him to follow the kids to take down the Talons.  Did Noctua or Jim go rogue?  Meanwhile, Dick makes his way through the labyrinth of the Court of Owls to Lincoln March, who tells him that he did originally intend to turn him into the "Gray Son" that night.  However, Damian offered himself as the "Gray Son," so Lincoln is now free to kill Dick.  Dun-dun-dun, I guess.

This issue is pretty dull, particularly given Fawkes emotionless script, which leaves the characters basically just describing what they're doing.  (How many times can Jason or Tim say that they have to fight tactically?)  The "Robin War" really does seem like it was just a device to get Dick to Gotham, so it feels weird to have the entire premise of this cross-over event -- the "war" itself -- be a McGuffin.  I guess we'll see if we're missing anything more interesting in the conclusion.

** (two of five stars)

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