Friday, March 4, 2016

Uncanny Avengers #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Duggan really keeps up the pace here, as this issue feels like a non-stop sprint to its conclusion.

Dr. Voodoo manages to pull back Quicksilver's spirit from the afterlife, and Deadpool successfully resuscitates him.  Everyone but Johnny regroups to try to prevent citizens from breaking through the quarantine, and Cable arrives on the scene.  Before he eventually explains the situation, he gets into a truly bizarre pissing contest with Rogue:  he refuses to tell her anything unless she acknowledges that he's the leader of the team.  He does so because he knows that the team (under her leadership) failed to prevent this situation from escalating, but she notes that it could be him taking over the team that results in the future apocalypse.  (Well played, Rogue.)  Deadpool -- yes, Deadpool -- gets them to see reason.  Cable then gives Quicksilver the "enzyme inhibitor" that he developed to reverse the effects of the toxin, and Quicksilver heads to Johnny and his nerds to synthesize it.  (I don't recall Quicksilver knowing that Johnny was at M.I.T., but I guess we'll just go with it.)  The Shredded Man arrives and uses a toxin blast to knock out everyone other than Cable (since he has a respirator) and Synapse, since apparently Inhumans are immune to the blast.  Cable tries to resuscitate the other Avengers while Synapse goes after the Shredded Man.  He tells her that the Mists are telling the Inhumans to attack mutants and reveals himself to be her grandfather.

Given that I have no idea who Synapse is, I have to say that the revelation that her grandfather is the Shredded Man fell flat.  I mean, OK, I get that she wouldn't be that happy about it, but Duggan oversells the drama of it at the end.  Who cares?  The Shredded Man was cool when he was a mysterious threat; now, he's just someone's grandfather.  I hope that Duggan doesn't allow next issue to devolve into yet more family drama.  The Avengers has enough of that on a good day.

** (two of five stars)

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