Monday, May 2, 2016

Amazing Spider-Man #1.2 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Honestly, this issue is embarrassingly awful.  It's like listening to your uncle tell groan-inducing jokes at Christmas while your grandmother rants about the way things were in her day and your nephew screams at you about Bernie Sanders.

It has become clear that the entire premise of this mini-series was for Molina to get a soapbox to complain about Raúl Castro.  (If I thought the Bloomberg crack last issue was bad, I realize now that Molina was just getting started.)  In fact, Molina is so over the top here in denouncing Castro that it starts to feel like one of those anti-drug issues from the 1980s.  Molina doesn't even really make an effort to explain why Spider-Man has to go to Cuba.  The Santerians simply tell him that the resurrected man from last issue went there after the Uncle Ben Foundation refused his request for treatment, and he returned angry.  They beg Spidey to go to find out what happened to Julio in Cuba, even though, as Spidey observes, they could simply ask Julio himself.  Apparently, people are keeping them from Julio, so Spidey has to go to Cuba.  Obviously, they can't go, because Raúl banned them.  Of course he did.  (I know, it's terrible.)  So, Spidey goes to Cuba, and he learns all about santería and terrible Raúl, and, OMG, I can't believe Marvel is letting Molina publish his pamphlet as a comic book.  Also, Uncle Ben returns.  Yup.

To make matters worse, Peter is a boarish and racist asshole throughout the issue.  In other words, his characterization is as awful as it was last issue.  Even Bianchi's beautiful artwork can't save this "mini-series."  How I loath you, Marvel Point One issues.

(zero of five stars)

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