Monday, May 2, 2016

Black Knight #3 (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

At this stage, we really need some sort of explanation for why Steve has such a mad-on for Dane, because, without it, Steve is starting to look seriously unhinged.  Hopefully we'll get it next issue, though I'm starting to have my doubts.

In this issue, Dane gathers a group of allies in the days before the Avengers arrive, and they agree to help him fend off their impending invasion.  (The frog people have apparently dealt with the Hulk previously, so their leader is able to verify Dane's assessment that they're a threat to their rule on Weirdworld.)  When the Avengers do arrive, Steve claims that they're just there for Dane.  But, the Apelantean (I know) leader says what we're all thinking:  why are the Avengers putting so much energy into tracking down Dane?

Sure, we learn in this issue that he's killed more people than Carnivore.  (We get this information from an expert on the Black Knights and the Ebony Blade who conveniently arrives on the scene of the crime with exposition.)  Dane is several steps ahead of the Avengers at this point, and he steals a Quinjet to fly to the Bermuda Triangle, where the Blade has told him to go (though not in so many words). The Avengers arrive, but they're too late:  a portal to Weirdworld opens, and Dane takes it.

We may now have the explanation (of a sort) behind Dane's new residency in Weirdworld, but I still don't understand why Cap cares so much about Dane escaping.  If Cap cared about Dane, it would be one thing.  But, Tieri makes it pretty clear that he's really just there to see justice served.  But, again, as I mentioned last issue, Steve is all sorts of comfortable with certain murderers, like Deadpool or his son Ian or Wolverine.  I think Tieri really has to try to reconcile why Steve is willing to go to such incredibly long lengths (literally) to bring Dane home before this arc ends, even if he does so by showing that Steve's really more interested in helping him.  It'd be a total lie, but I'm willing to buy it for convenience's sake.

Also, the snake people seem ready to attack now that Steve has knocked Dane unconscious.  Maybe a team-up will forgive all sins?  Given how heavy on exposition these past three issues have been, it'd be fun to just spend an issue smashing stuff.

** (two of five stars)

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