Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Not-Very-Deep Thoughts: The February 24 Edition (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

All-New, All-Different Avengers #6:  As usual, Kang's appearance in an "Avengers" series leaves me with a headache.  Was it "Secret Wars" that made Kang get stuck in our time?  If so, why is he the only one stuck in the present?  Why can he move people and items through the time stream, but he can't move himself?  Do I care about the answers?  (That said, it was fun to be surprised that it was him, since I was sure that Mr. Gryphon was Loki.)  Turning to the gang, I love the friendship of Jane and Sam:  they're really the emotional heart of the series.  It's putting together probably the most selfless members of the group.

Batman and Robin Eternal #21:  Snyder and Tynion continue to emphasize the difference between Bruce and Mother, showing us that it all boils down to their response to the same trauma:  the murder of their parents.  Whereas Bruce responded by going crazy, Mother responded by going even crazier.  (That said, her entire village was slaughtered and the guys that did it stabbed her a few times to make sure that she was actually dead.  It's not exactly unreasonable for her to have lost her marbles in that situation.)

Justice League #48:  Wait, Mobius is the Anti-Monitor?  Weren't they two separate people?  We learn in this issue (I think) that Mobius killed Darkseid to be separated from the Anti-Life Equation (and, presumably, his chair, though I'm not entirely sure if they're connected).  If he went to all this effort to be separated from the Equation, why does he want to be connected with it again?  Beyond some clarity in his motivations, we also could really use a diagram showing us how the Anti-Life Equation, the Anti-Monitor, the chair, and Mobius are connected.

Spider-Man 2099 #7:  Jesus Christ, I'm tired of the forced Inhumans stories.  First, I didn't realize that the guy last issue was Lash.  I mean, not that I really know who Lash is, since I've been intentionally skipping the various Inhumans series.  But, I do vaguely recognize him from the Point One series (I think).  Even though I recognized him, I still don't understand what his deal is.  The good news is that I know that I don't care.

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