Thursday, June 9, 2016

Not-Very-Deep Thoughts: The March 2 Edition (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Batgirl #49:  Man, this series used to be so good.  [Sigh.]  In this issue, Frankie uses the scan of Babs' brain that became sentient to correct the parts of her brain that the Fugue damaged.  The problem that I have with this approach -- beyond the fact that "Batman" is featuring exactly the same device -- is that the scan came from before Babs met the Fugue.  As such, I don't get how uploading it allows her to remember that the Fugue conveniently (and I mean conveniently) told her his entire plan, since he was going to wipe her memory anyway.  When I have a bigger complaint than the villain telling the hero his plan, you know we're in trouble.

Spider-Man #2:  At some point in this issue, someone mentions Miles as being part of the "new generation" of heroes, and I realized that it's totally, totally true.  As someone who's been reading comic books for 30 years, I don't know if I ever really thought that we'd see this passing of the torch.  Every time that Marvel has tried to do it, it didn't stick.  (Were the "New Warriors" ever really going to be the next Avengers?)  Instead, Marvel was eventually forced to reverse course and shove Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and their various cohorts into the spotlight again.  But, something about this new group feels different.  Bendis does a brilliant job in showing Miles' conflicting emotions when a blogger exults in the fact that he's "brown," after the world saw part of his face through his ripped mask.  He doesn't want to be the "brown" Spider-Man; he just wants to be the Spider-Man.  Miles?  At this point, man?  I think you may already be my Spider-Man.  (That's probably the difference right there.)

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