Friday, June 10, 2016

Not-Very-Deep Thoughts: The March 9 and 16 Edition (HERE BE SPOILERS!)

Ms. Marvel #5:  Tyesha's younger brother, Gabriel, the "anarcho-atheist" angsty adolescent, steals this issue.  Really, even if you're not reading "Ms. Marvel," pick up this issue just to remember who you were at 16 years old (or recognize yourself as a current 16 year old).

Spider-Gwen #6:  Latour gives Gwen two wins here, and it really feels like the end of her origin arc.  First, she and Harry get to have a talk.  He claims that he was trying to avenge Peter, and she calls bullshit.  She argues that he felt small when Peter managed to transform his rage into the Lizard, and she admits that she felt small, too.  The difference between them is that she's trying to take responsibility for her actions, and she encourages him to do the same thing.  She also stresses to him that heroes are real people like her and that they make mistakes just like real people do.  She's technically talking about lying to Harry about her secret identity, but it's clear that they're also talking about her role in Peter's death.  In the process, she not only convinces Harry to forgive her, but she also seems to convince herself.  (The best part of their exchange is when she exhorts him not to let their story become Green Goblin vs. Spider-Woman.  It's really a moment.)  Moreover, we learn that she doesn't need to convince her father of her innocence.  He realized that she alone knew the truth about Spider-Woman's fight with the original Lizard.  Hinting that he knew that the Lizard was Peter, he ends his investigation, signaling that he trusts her not only with that truth but as Spider-Woman.  In fact, he's quit the force to support her, because he's realized that his way of fighting crime isn't the only way.  As such, Latour leaves her in a very similar place as our Peter Parker was after a similar number of issues:  although her Peter's death will always be her "Uncle Ben moment," her conscience is now clear, her relationships are in order, and it's time for her to show the world who Spider-Woman really is.

Spider-Man 2099 #8:  Tempest!

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